Public Safety

Making sure that Omaha is a safe place to live and raise a family is a top priority. I will focus on making sure that we have space in prison for those who commit the most serious crimes and that we provide effective programming to give prisoners the opportunity to become more productive members of society.

Investing in Education

Quality education is the best investment we can make. I will work to ensure that public education is fully funded and that teachers are provided with the resources they need. I will fight to make sure that we are keeping higher education costs low while maintaining the high standards Nebraskans expect.

Supporting Working Families

Too many Nebraska families feel that the Legislature is not working for them. I will fight to make sure that every Nebraska family earns a living wage, has access to paid family leave and can afford quality child care.

Affordable Health Care

I am committed to fight for everyone’s access to health care. I will work to ensure access to affordable health care throughout Nebraska and that mental health services are readily available. Medicaid expansion is a key first step in making sure that we can provide for those who are most vulnerable.